Jeff & Jamie Tonidandel

Tonidandel-Brown Restaurant Group

Scott met Jeff and Jamie in 2018 and had an immediate appreciation for their talents and ethos. They are deep thinkers who never overlook the unique details that enhance the dining experience. They are Charlotte locals and the community is fortunate to have them.

Scott’s focus has been to align closely with Jeff and Jamie in order to understand their needs and vision for a real estate space. At the Alexander Property Group, we commit to lifelong learning and dedication for our clients, making their goals our mission..

Paul Manley

TMC Hospitality Group

The most important element for Paul and his group is to focus on neighborhoods in the metro area which present a roadmap for strategic growth for their signature multi-unit concept restaurants:  ACE No 3 and The Waterman.   Understanding where Paul’s brand connects to his customer base without jeopardizing his existing footprint is paramount to APG’s strategy.

It is Alexander Property Groups commitment to collaborate and provide detailed communication on supporting market-based evidence that drive these critical decisions.

Patrick Colombo

Restaurant Works, inc

Cru Wine Bar is a rapidly expanding national brand developed in Dallas. Privately owned they patiently look for unique positions within the markets they have selected. We met and immediately had a connection and a shared vision for the right placement for them. The relationship has really flourished and The Carolinas are a key part of their growth strategies.

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